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Go fully digital across Europe with TollScout®. Your partner for digital vignettes and road tolls. Purchase quickly, safely, and conveniently online. Valid immediately.

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What is a digital vignette or E-vignette?

The digital vignette, also known as an E-vignette, is the modern alternative to the traditional adhesive vignette. The traditional vignette was thus bound to the vehicle. In contrast, the digital vignette is no longer bound to the vehicle but to the license plate.

TollScout® takes care of registering the digital vignettes with the official toll operators for you.

What is digital road toll?

In some European countries, there are no digital vignettes, but exclusively distance-based toll fees, known as road tolls. However, even in countries with digital vignettes, there are special toll roads. The digital road toll in Austria applies to the A10 Tauern Motorway, A11 Karawanken Motorway, and A13 Brenner Motorway. These are mandatory in addition to the vignette and are incurred when using them.

TollScout® takes care of registering the digital vignettes with the official toll operators for you.

Sticking a “Pickerl” is a thing of the past. Today there is TollScout. Going digital across Europe.

In 1985, Switzerland became the first country in Europe to introduce the highway vignette, which was initially a physical sticker. Today, electronic or digital vignettes are available. Digital vignettes are available in eight different countries in Europe.

Find out in which countries there are digital vignettes.

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Here you will find the latest news about vignettes, tolls and also a lot of information about travel and special travel destinations in Europe.​

Ein See mitten in den Bergen in Rumänien
Eine Mautstation auf der Autobahn.


Here, we answer all your questions about digital vignettes and road tolls in Europe. Which European countries have vignettes, and which have road tolls? Are digital vignettes available in all European countries? We provide answers to all your questions. However, if any of your questions are not addressed in our FAQs, please contact customer service. We are here to assist you. We are here to assist you.

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