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Digital vignette and toll in Hungary

In order to be able to drive on motorways and expressways in Hungary, cars, trailers and mobile homes require a digital vignette, the electronic vignette e-Matrica. All Hungarian motorways marked with an “M” require a vignette for all vehicles. The digital vignette in Hungary is available online but also at selected points of sale. Trucks over 3.5 tonnes permissible gross vehicle weight (GVW) and trailers must purchase route tickets via HU-Go.

Vehicle classes of the digital vignette in Hungary

The system of different vehicle classes and their correct fee category is somewhat more complex in Hungary than in other European countries.

Motorcycle (D1M)

Vehicle class D1M is reserved for motorcycles. Weekly and monthly vignettes only.

Car (D1)

Category D1 includes motorcycles (annual vignette) as well as cars and mobile homes in vehicle class M1.

Commercial vehicle (D2)

D2 applies to all commercial vehicles in vehicle class N1, as well as all vehicles that do not fit into any category. Also motorhomes.

Coaches (B2)

Category B2 is for buses and coaches with more than 9 seats, including the driver’s seat.

Trailer (U)

Trailers for categories D2 and B2 require a vignette. Trailers for D1 are not tolled.

Special instructions for determining the correct fee category

The classification into the correct fee category depends on the entries in the registration certificate part 1. The following fields are of crucial importance: field “j”: vehicle class, field “F.1”: permissible total weight and field “S.1”: seats including driver’s seat.


Vehicle class D1: Cars, mobile homes, and caravans of vehicle class M1 with a permissible gross vehicle weight (GVW) of up to 3.5 tonnes, with a maximum of 7 seats, including the driver’s seat.

Vehicle class D2: Commercial vehicles with a permissible total weight of 3.5 tons. All motorhomes and caravans that do not belong to vehicle class M1 as well as cars with more than 7 and up to 9 seats, including the driver’s seat.

Digital vignettes with different validity and digital route tolls

Digital vignette Hungary online

Source: Nationale Mauterhebung geschlossene Dienstleistungs-AG

Weekly vignette (for 10 days)
The Hungarian digital weekly vignette is valid for 10 days. The first day of the 10 days is the day of registration or purchase. It is valid until the same time on the day of purchase, on the last day of the term. You can buy the 10-day vignette quickly and conveniently online on our website. It is valid immediately.

Monthly vignette
The digital monthly vignette is valid from the day of purchase until midnight on the identical calendar day of the following month or until midnight on the last day of the month. This can be the case if the monthly vignette is purchased in a month with only 30 days and runs into a month with 31 days.

Annual vignette
The digital annual vignette can be used from the time of purchase or, if pre-sold in December, from the 1st day of the respective year until midnight on January 31st of the following year. You can buy the annual vignette quickly and conveniently online on our website. It is valid immediately.

Digital route toll Hungary online

The vignette requirement applies to motorcycles, passenger cars (including trailers), trucks with a maximum permissible total weight of 3.5 tonnes, buses and vehicles that are exempt from the toll requirement due to a special legal provision, and their trailers.

Toll-free road sections in Hungary

  • M0 Expressway: Section between Main Road 1 and M5 Motorway, Sections between M4 Expressway and M3 Motorway, Megyeri Bridge (section between Main Road 2 and Main Road 11)
  • M30 motorway: section between the Miskolc-South and Miskolc-Nord junctions
  • M31 motorway
  • M4 Expressway: Section between Vecses and the road to Liszt Ferenc International Airport
  • M4 motorway: section between Abony-Nord and Törölszentmiklos-West
  • M44 Expressway
  • M60 Motorway: Pecs Southwest Bypass between roads No. 58 and 5826
  • M76 motor road: section between Balatonszentgyörgy/Balatonbereny and Keszthely-Fenekpszta
  • M8 motorway
  • M80 Expressway
  • M9 Expressway: Section between Main Road 6 and Main Road 51
  • M9 expressway: Kaposvar bypass section.

HU-GO e-toll road network

  • The length of the toll express and main road sections in the HU-GO e-toll system is more than 7,300 km

Digital vignettes and toll in neighboring countries

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